Carpet Cleaning

With increasing pollution levels, pet hair and unforeseen accidents, it is essential to take care of your carpets properly. We offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services for your residence or business. We use safe, environmentally friendly products to clean and treat discoloration, making carpets ‘as new’ again.

Intensive Stain Removal

Stains mess up the look of your carpet and the overall look of the property. Try us for intensive stain removal and to treat discoloration of your carpet, to restore it to its former glory. Our trained and expert personnel are proficient at lifting even the toughest stains, employing cleaning methods that are safe for you and the environment.

Hard Floor Care

Marble, stone, wood, vinyl or cork, every hard floor has different cleaning requirements and maintenance procedures to be applied with care in order to retain and restore the original look. We clean and restore many types of hard floors, and have the knowledge and equipment to ensure only the best service for both cleaning and maintenance.

Upholstery Care

We also specialise in cleaning upholstery and getting your sofas or couches looking ‘as new’ again. Our upholstery cleaning service will assist in making your property fresh, clean and at its best. Our services are customised to your needs so that whether you need spot cleaning or a complete clean, we will do it for you.

Rug Washing

First things first, we understand that rugs are not like carpets and they are different in how they need to be cleaned. That is why our rug cleaning services are especially customised for rugs alone. We utilise the best equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions ensuring your rug is cleaned gently, with the dirt cleaned inside-out to last longer.

Water Damage

You can rely on us to help you with water damage restoration services. We provide immediate restoration and cleaning services for water damage, irrespective of whether the flooding was caused by burst pipes, accidents or natural disasters. Our restorative services assist in getting your property back to normal as fast as possible.

Odour Control

Inhaling gaseous substances and odours can be highly dangerous. To be safe and healthy, it is important to thoroughly understand the origin of particular odours – their cause, their effect and their treatment – as some smells may be a silent health threat. At ANSC our highly trained, professional technicians understand how to handle all elements of odour control. Our know-how and experience are your safeguard.

Other Services

We also provide restoration and cleaning services beyond those listed here. Contact us for any specific needs and we can talk to you about customised cleaning as per your needs.

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