Experience the
As New treatment

We have all the necessary equipment to bring your surfaces back to life.


Odour Control:

Allow for a multi stage process to eliminate the source of stubborn odours.

• Urine odour?
• Curry smell?
• Pets?
• Cigarette smoke?



Give an old rug a new look with our over dying services.

• Tough stains?
• Old and faded?
• Preparing your home for lease or sale?
• Need colour repair? (please note this is different to cleaning and requires over die)


Upholstery Care:

Prepare for the worst with our Scotch Guard fabric protection.

• Kids drawn a Picasso on your favourite chair?
• Spilt wine on your cushions?
• Fabrics old and faded?
• Embedded with dust?


Carpet Cleaning:

Vacuuming alone will never completely remove dirt and contaminants from your carpet.

• Carpet looking dull and dirty?
• Embedded with pet hair?
• Full of dust and bacteria?
• Smells old and damp?


Carpet Stain Removal:

We do not advice seeking online solutions for stains as this may cause colour loss or damage.

• Spilt wine?
• Coffee stain?
• Bleached spot?
• Paint marks?
• Urine Spot?


Tiles, Grout and Stone:

A premium service offering specialised treatment with healthier products.

• Dirty or discoloured grout?
• Tiles full of grime?
• Stone need enhancing?
• Sticky floors?
• Broken seals?
• Outdoor area dull or discoloured?


Leather Colouring and Care:

We recommend leather cleaning and conditioning every 6-12 months.

• Fancy a fresh new look?
• Full colour change?
• Leather couch need an update?
• Dining chairs need a new life – get rid of scoffs, scratches, marks.
• Kids scribbled their homework on your car seats?
• Want your steering wheel to feel like new again?


Experience the
As New treatment

We have all the necessary equipment to bring your surfaces back to life.

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Our Services

As New Surface Care offers clients our very own As New treatment, meaning you will have a guaranteed quality service. We offer a variety of surface cleaning services to fit the needs of your environment.

Carpet Stain Removal

We often get calls from our customers who have accidentally spilled something onto their carpet. The initial reaction is “Is this going to come out?”.

Rug Dyeing

Trying to remove a pesky stain off your cherished rug? We can help. From antique and oriental to Persian and modern, we restore rugs of all kinds and colours

Full Room Dyeing

If your carpets need a total makeover, full room dyeing is the answer. It’s a dramatic way to revitalise your home while saving you the time, costs and inconvenience of replacing your carpets.

Leather Colouring and Care

When you purchase a piece of leather furniture you expect that it will have a long lifetime with little need for maintenance.

Carpet Cleaning

There are lots of reasons why you may decide the get your carpets cleaned. Whether it is to improve the appearance, clean for health or prolong the life of your carpet As New Surface Care have the appropriate solution to help you achieve your goals.

Tile, Grout, Stone and Floor Cleaning

With a trend towards installing a range of hard floor surfaces in homes, both indoors and outdoors, there is little understanding of how to maintain hard floors and keep them looking their best.

Upholstery Care

Upholstery comes in many shapes, sizes, fabrics and finishes. We understand that when you style your home, your upholstery is often one of the key pieces in your living area. We want to help you maintain your upholstery to ensure it looks and feels great

Odour Control

We deliver so much more than just clean carpets. We take care of all the little details in your home – because we know they can make the biggest difference.

Other Services

We also provide restoration and cleaning services beyond those listed here. Contact us for any specific needs and we can talk to you about customised cleaning as per your needs.

Our guarantee is that if a carpet stain can be removed, we’ll be the ones to get it out!

What our customers are saying

I used As New Surface Cleaners to clean two arm chairs my dogs had been sitting on for years. My dogs brought all sorts of dirt and mess into the house and deeply embedded it into these armchairs together with all forms of bodily fluids. They were a wreck. As New Surface Care restored then to perfect condition and they look good as new. Service was excellent, knowledge fantastic and extensive and price was very fair. I would use them and recommend them every time.

Lee Ostilly

The wow effect for my sofas was amazing. As new. Noam is a pro that sets a new definition to the word. As far as I'm concerned - he is 'the fabric whisperer'.

Michal Yoshai

Prompt, reliable and a great attention to detail, I couldn't believe how well our workshop floors came up, would highly recommend.

Roy Evans

We used 'As New Surface Care' several times in the past couple of years. Professional service, excellent results. Highly recommended!

Maya Le

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