When you purchase a piece of leather furniture you expect that it will have a long lifetime with little need for maintenance.

Before and After
The reality is that pure leather is a wonderful, long lasting covering. However, it does have its own maintenance needs in order to keep it looking and feeling great! Just like our skin, leather ages.

And if you don’t?

Your leather items may crack, deteriorate or discolour due to a buildup of body oils, sweat and sun damage – especially visible in high-use areas such as seat cushions and arm rests.

Establishing a l eather care routine will:
  • Prevent damage and soiling
  • Prolong your leather’s colour
  • Maximise the comfort of your furniture
  • Increase furniture durability
Why you need a leather specialist

Maintaining leather is a highly intricate process that demands specialist skills and knowledge. Being able to identify the type, quality and style of the leather, ensures that a safe approach is used for each item.

At As New Surface Care, we’re certified leather cleaning technicians. From ink removal to scratches and stubborn marks, we can restore your leather couch.

Leather Coloring and Care

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