Trying to remove a pesky stain off your cherished rug? We can help. From antique and oriental to Persian and modern, we restore rugs of all kinds and colours.

You already know how difficult it is to find the perfect rug for your home. And why would you want to go through the trouble anyway – if you already own a rug you cherish?

With rug dyeing and cleaning, you can keep the rug you love while saving the time and costs involved in buying a new one.

Highly intricate, rug dyeing and cleaning are the smartest ways to breathe new life into your beloved rug.

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One of Victoria’s best

Rug dyeing and cleaning both involve intricate work that demands deep know-how, an astute eye for detail – and a passion for precision.

That’s why you only want to put your precious rug in the most trusted hands. As one of Victoria’s leading rug dyers, you can trust As New Surface Care.

We’re skilled in the condition and colour of a wide array of rugs, including Persian, oriental and exotic rugs with innovative fibres and patterns. We even work with commercial companies and hotels to keep their lobby area and conference room rugs in pristine condition.

Plus, our rug dyeing and cleaning specialists are always up to date with the most cutting-edge methods – thanks to regular professional training.

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Our service – at a glance

At As New Surface Care, we’ll restore the colour of your rug while also giving it a thorough clean. This will reinvigorate your rug, making it look new again.

Similar to whole area carpet dyeing, we clean and dye rugs of wool, nylon and silk. And if necessary, we’ll clean and dye your rug more than once to obtain the best possible result.

Whether you want to revamp your existing colour or try something completely new, we can help. We even dye a surprising number of brand-new rugs, achieving colours customers can’t buy.

Our service is:
  • Based on extensive hands-on experience
  • Tailored to the specific needs of your rug
  • Designed to remove tough stains, restoring the look of your rug
  • Performed with friendly cleaning products
  • Recommended every 1-2 years
We offer colour matching rug dyeing services to:
  • Revive a faded rug
  • Modify an outdated colour
  • Match a rug to a feature colour in your home or office
  • Prepare your home for lease or sale

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Rug Dyeing

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