Upholstery comes in many shapes, sizes, fabrics and finishes. We understand that when you style your home, your upholstery is often one of the key pieces in your living area. We want to help you maintain your upholstery to ensure it looks and feels great.

Upholstery cleaning is crucial

Whether it’s your sofa, recliner or dining chairs, your furniture adds character and life to your home.

These pieces are also highly functional – with life happening around them and on them. So it’s inevitable that your favourite furniture pieces will accrue dust, dirt and stains over time.

No one knows furniture like us

At As New Surface Care, we’re upholstery cleaning specialists. We understand how different cleaning products respond to different fabrics, so that we can clean your upholstery safely. We have invested a great deal of time in learning how to deal with complex and delicate fabrics of all kinds. We take a safe and conservative approach, ensuring that your upholstery is unharmed through the cleaning process.

We also clean mattresses

Often overlooked on the cleaning list, your mattress is home to dust mites and sweat. For this reason, we suggest that mattress cleaning takes place while carpet and upholstery cleaning services are being carried out in a home. This is especially important for people with asthma and allergies who are sensitive to allergens.

A professional mattress clean can:
  • Help eliminate dust, dirt and dead skin cells
  • Create a healthier indoor air quality
  • Improve allergy management
  • Give you greater peace of mind for better sleep

So what does our service involve?

Using the safest, most effective techniques, we’ll clean and sanitise your mattress to help manage allergens.

Upholstery Care

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